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We have all heard the obnoxious Giant Eagle gift card radio commercial a million times and I personally want to scream everytime I hear that annoying dad.  

Yes, I know the fuel perks are nice but...

Don’t buy a gift card for someone you love…I REPEAT DO NOT BUY A GIFT CARD (or at the very least give them a bottle of alcohol with the gift card).

We all struggle for unique gift ideas for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Thank You’s and Holidays.

Personalized items are the ultimate way to show someone you were sincerely thinking about them and took the time to get them something special. Who doesn’t love a personalized bottle of alcohol?  People go crazy over these and I am getting more and more requests for unique designs to give special people in their lives.  More importantly, these bottles are actually something they will use (aka drink) and keep forever (to display)!  

I can mimic a bottle label to look similar to the original or design something completely original to fit an event or occasion.  Let me know what kind of label I can create for you!