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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Too busy with weddings lately to keep up but I know many people are in need of some unique Mother’s Day ideas! 

Images below of a few that I personally love and know my mother would appreciate. 

Misty will be following up with some “do not gift” ideas, definitely check that out!


Haven – tons of beauty, fashion and accessories – visit their store or online shop! 

Trending Above – Jewelry is always a good idea, at least for my mom!

O-Venture – the Big O Bracelet is a great gift idea (bracelet for keys, easy to find in your purse and fits perfectly around your wrist for running around!)  Oprah approved!

The Giving Keys – unique and personal, various words engraved on the keys that describe the woman in your life…then pass is along to someone more deserving of it! You can share your story on the blog of how you passed it along.

Other ideas:

- Playhouse Square tickets for an upcoming show

- Cavs playoff tickets for the Cleveland sports mom

-  gardening basket for the green thumb

-  wine and paint class with mom, fun night out

- group cooking session at Gatherings Kitchen in Lakewood

mothers day 2016

Holiday Gifting Guide

As I started my Christmas shopping I began to feel very creative in my gifts this year.  The items themselves may not all be unusual but rather some of the places they are from.  I really enjoy the shop local concept so many of these items are native to Cleveland but most have online shops as well!

As always, I can create custom bottle labels, tags, stationary and the like!  

I am really loving the sock club idea for anyone that loves fun socks.  Of course most women, including myself, appreciate jewlery and statement pieces.  I adore well made useful items, hence the hand crafted wood pieces.  I feel that everyone loves alcohol and popcorn.  And as most know, I am obsessed with Cleveland.

I will keep this short and sweet since I included quite a few images and links.  Don’t forget, Misty and I both make gift baskets as well.  I posted now with the thought that you might even be able to catch some Black Friday sales.  Happy shopping…for him, for her, for anyone….for YOU!


1. http://www.shopbanyantree.com 2/3. http://www.trendingabove.com 4./5. https://www.facebook.com/DeerDesignsJewelry/ 6. http://www.shop-haven.com

7. http://www.cleclothingco.com 8/9. http://www.victoriaemerson.com

holiday gifting-for her 


1/2. http://www.cleclothingco.com 3. https://www.dollarshaveclub.com 4.https://www.fossil.com/us/en.html 

5. https://www.etsy.com/listing/248627505/mens-wallet-leather-wallet-groomsmen?ref=market 6. http://www.mancrates.com/crates/ 7/8. http://johnnyvillewoods.com

9. http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/personalized-whiskey-barrel

holiday gifting-for him


1. http://www.shopbanyantree.com 2. http://campbellssweets.com 3/4. http://www.cleclothingco.com 5/6. http://www.happyhourcle.com 

7/8/9/10. http://www.domenicfiorello.com 11. http://www.footcardigan.com 12. https://www.sockclub.com

holiday gifting-for anyone

One in a Melon-Mom

mom book

She carried your ass around for 9 months, labored for hours to give you life, can author a book on laundry, has contended with more vomit and bodily fluids than should be deemed legal and is always considered the reason a person needs therapy (at least in my household). So, spend a little time when coming up with a Mother's Day gift.  DO NOT  send her a message electronically---meaning text, email or Facebook.  DO NOT resort to the special bouquet of flowers you heard on Mike & Mike.  DO NOT give her cream to fade old-age spots and most definitely--DO NOT let Dad talk you into getting her a pressure washer (or any other gift that will be deemed a "good household gift").

DO---think of what she likes: gardening, walking, reading, cooking, crafting.....start there, but I have a few suggestions that I think just about any Mom would appreciate.  Remember:  we are just happy you took a REAL moment to think of a good one. My girls all filled out the book I have pictured.  Best Mother's Day gift I ever received!!!!!

If she likes to entertain....

I do entertain and just love these items.  A nice butcher block, the keter rattan cooler/bar is great and practical.  Banyan Tree in Tremont has an amazing selection of cool houseware items that are not easily found at other stores (www.shopbanyantree.com).  Tea and lemonade dispensers are so great to own---this trio dispenser is just too cool.

butcher blockcoolertable

houseware-banyantea dispenser


Mom's like to dress cool too....

We like to look current and chic when we go out so you can spare us the Croc's, Mom jeans and "I'm a Cougar" t-shirt.

Worried about size:  Don't allow this justify the infamous gift card.  Go with sunglasses, sandals, a new spring purse,a chic scarf or a really unique piece of jewelry that reminds you of her are great options.  Haven Style House (www.havenstylehouse) in Chagrin Falls and Banyan Tree have insanely cool clothes, purses, etc.  Pass on the mall trip---take a moment to show her how much you love her.

spring pursesshoes

blue vestclothes-banyan


Odd Items....

These are examples of those items that are great to have, but probably something we would not personally spend the money on.  I would've included new outdoor garbage cans, because I seem to always lose a wheel or lid on those babies, but figured those wouldn't be well-received by the masses.  Automatic car-starter---great to warm-up and cool-up the car for winter and summer.  Automatic toothbrushes----love these suckers, but not easy to cough up $60 to $100 bucks to get one.  You stole her phone charger---for the love of Pete---replace it, and buy the extender while you're at it so she has a little leeway with the damn thing.  

car startertoothbrushes

phone chargers 


Think Green!!!!

Do not call 1-800-whatever to get her some flowers that will die in a few days.  If she likes to garden, then go to a Garden Center and load her up!!!!  I got these pics from Gali's Garden Center (www.galisgardencenter.com).  They had some unique items and beautiful potted plants sure to make any Mom smile.  I could spend hours in their gift area---I love the garden bike!!!!


garden tools


I LOVE my Mom, but am swamped!!!!

Okay----I will give you busy bees a break.  Really, really don't have the time?  Try a cleaning woman for a day or once a month.  Clubsgalore.com has a number of really cool gift of the month ideas:  candles, coffees, extra virgin olive oils, pastas, marinades, bath and body. I would weep openly if my kids cleaned my garage for me or did my windows.  Sign her up for a sushi-rolling class (take it with her).  Car washes offer monthly coupon plans, so do many spas.  A massage or manicure once a month is better than any brunch.  And, of course, TELL HER YOU LOVE HER!!!!

Thank you:  amazon.com (keter rattan cooler, viper car starter), sheknows.com (trio beverage dispenser), thesweethome.com (toothbrushes), project salvation (butcher blocks), wierd.co.uk (chargers), moonworkshome.com (gardening tool pic), uncommongoods.com (mom book).


This is a prelude to a rant I plan to post about my recent experience on Frontier Airlines (with hearty frontier food recipes).  However, as I relived the whole encounter I remembered that flying in general just sucks---from beginning to end.  First, should you burden someone to drive you to the airport (knowing that at some point you will have to reciprocate) or pay an ungodly daily parking fee?  Maybe I get a heightened case of ADHD in the airport, but my mind races from the moment I arrive. 

This is just a small sampling of what circles my brain:

  • Can’t they do something to shorten these security lines?
  • Why doesn’t that guy up there move up so it appears like the line is moving? Put down your phone dude!!
  • Ugh---of course, the flight crew gets to cut the line
  • How many ounces are you allowed to take again?
  • Are tweezers considered a lethal weapon?
  • What kind of facial expression should I make while the TSA agent checks my photo ID?
  • Should I make eye contact with the TSA agent?
  • What did the TSA agent just scribble on my boarding pass?
  • If this guy in front of me would move just a little bit I could grab a plastic bin!!!
  • We heard you the last 22 times you YELLED to put your laptop in a separate bin!!
  • Should I tell this guy wearing the Elvis belt that he is going to have to remove it or face a full body cavity search?
  • Are they judging the hot mess in my purse and carry-on?
  • Why do people wear sockless shoes to the airport knowing they will have to walk barefoot through security?
  • I have an extra hour to kill so which of these places will I go to and give $22 to for a sandwich?
  • Why are all these restaurants named after some random celebrity or celebrity-chef?  Sammy Hagar is in the restaurant industry?  Really?  Wolfgang Puck is selling airport pizzas??  Wow
  • I guess I will buy the token magazine in case they don’t have Wi-Fi. The only time I buy a "print-copy" of anything is in an airport 
  • I miss the shop and fly catalog
  • Do I have time to go to the bathroom or am I cutting it too close? Quick--Decide
  • Why are all the open seats in the waiting area next to creepy men or crying kids?
  • Why do people jump up to stand in line to hand over their ticket only to stand in line in the tunnel and then stand in line inside the plane as people load their carry-ons in the overhead bins? I'll wait for the last call
  • Limited overhead bin space?  What a shock?  I’ll let you “check” my carry-on for a couple drink tokens
  • I wonder if we get a free bag of pretzels?
  • We turned off our electronic devices. We are buckled up. We are in the upright position with all of our bags stowed away----let’s get the food and drink cart going!!

To be continued………until then I wanted to share with you some of the offbeat places I enjoy patronizing in Cleveland.  I love these locations for a variety of reasons:  quality of food, architecture, ethnic authenticity or just because I have a history with the place.  I decided to give props to the locations that are fabulous and don't break the bank!  If you get someone visiting, tell them to check them out.

You MUST tell every visitor to visit the West Side Market and while they are there they must indulge in a fabulous gyro.  I love so many things about the Market:  the delicious crepes, the brats, the endless ethnic food options, fresh artisan breads and meats that will turn a vegan into a carnivore.  But, I rarely leave without devouring one of Steve's Gyro's.

steves gyros


Few people are aware of this little treasure, Seti's Food Truck.  Located outside of Dean's Supply on Woodland.  Cleveland owns the Polish Boy and not many places do it better!

setis food truck


Tremont is chock-full of great architecture and history.  The Christmas Story house, the Deer Hunter church, Sokolowski's, Michael Symon's Lolita.  But, I just love these places and so will you!!!!  Fahrenheit, Fat Cats and Lucky's Cafe.  Put these on your restaurant bucket list!!


Little Italy is most certainly the pride of Cleveland.  Art galleries, shops, bakeries to die for and fabulous restaurants.  One of my favorites is Mama Santa's.  The food is as authentic as any Italian can get and insanely affordable!!!

mama santa

Looking for authentic Mexican???  Grab a book and have a margarita---maybe "Tequila Mockingbird" (haha).  Cleveland has many to choose from---I love these!  

cozumelel carnicero


I would be remiss if I didn't mention my hometown favorites in the Bedford area.  Southeast Harley sells more than motorcycles and I love cafe's that have themed food-nights like Sirna's cafe:  Fried bologna night, Clambakes and Prime Rib night are just a few.  Food is fabulous and so is the company!!

harley dinersirnas


Be sure you send your friends to some local sweets or have some at your home to give them as a "Welcome to Cleveland" gift.  Malley's Chocolates and Mitchell's Ice Cream have numerous locations that are Oh-So-Sweet.




So---Let Them Eat Cake

IMG 0180

I love clever, homemade gifts.  I think this one takes the cake---don't excuse the pun.

Ingredients: (items any bride needs---or anyone could use for that matter)

Small springform pan

Glass cylinder vase or a Mason jar would work as well

Dish-drying mat

Oven Mitt

Kitchen towel

Washcloth (Often these are sold in a coordinating set which makes it really inexpensive) 

Kitchen tools (spatula, baster, corkscrew, brush, peeler---you make the call)


Confetti, tissue paper or newspaper


towel cake1


Roll the dish-drying mat around the cylinder vase and rubberband to hold into place. Fill the cylinder with shredded paper, tissue paper or newspaper to serve as support for the next 2 layers.

towel cake 2Fold the kitchen towel into thirds.  Roll up and place a rubberband around the lower third to hold together.  Fold the washcloth in half and then half it again--roll it up and place a rubberband near the bottom.  Place the kitchen towel in the cylinder and nestle the washcloth into the kitchen towel to create the 3 layer look.  Tuck the oven mitt under the rubberband holding the dish-drying mat together.  Place the kitchen utensils between the oven mitt and kitchen towel tier--allowing the dish-drying mat to keep it secured.  Tie a ribbon around the visible rubberband and voila!  A tiered towel cake that will always get the "oooooo" response!

towel cake full2