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and a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

We often don’t include this last part in America but that is how the true saying goes and was started in Britain. The other four items are good luck charms for the bride on her wedding day. They are often included in her outfit, hair, accessories, flowers, etc.

Something old represents the past, tradition and family.
Ideas: a relatives wedding gown, or use a piece of fabric from an old gown around bridal bouquet,a family heirloom (jewelry, veil, headpiece)

Something new is a symbol for her new life ahead.
Ideas: new shoes, jewelry, dress, lingerie, garter

Something borrowed is traditionally borrowed from another bride and symbolizes happiness.
Ideas: jewelry, veil, purse

Something blue symbolizes fidelity, purity and love.
Ideas: something sewn into the underside of dress in blue thread (monogram, wedding date, etc.), blue shoes, blue lingerie, blue garter, blue jewelry or accents, blue bouquet accents or flowers, blue ties under dress for bustling, blue hair accessories, blue handkerchief, blue writing or rhinestones on bottom of shoes, blue nail polish

A Sixpence In Her Shoe represents future prosperity and wealth. The sixpence is a British coin that was worth six pennies.

Have fun coming up with your good luck items!

something blue images

Wedding season is quickly approaching and with that comes engaged couples!

I love shopping, I love gift giving and I love weddings.  So when I am shopping I often go straight to the home goods or gift section of the store, which is comprised of items that I absolutely adore but do not NEED.  I almost always find something that wasn’t the intent of the trip but that I deem necessary to purchase for someone.  Naturally, if I want it then someone else will too, right? I make note that these items would be ideal for an engagement basket and start my little collection.  Lately I have been giving out engagement baskets like they are going out of style so my collection is slim pickings!  I just think engagement baskets are so fun and I truly enjoy acquiring items along the way for these baskets.   Here are some images of baskets that I have given to friends recently and a list of various items included.  Let me know if you are in need of an engagement basket so that I can start to re-build my collection!

engagement basket 01

alessa and nik engagement basket

-Cocktail or wine glasses

-Bottle of bubbly or wine…anything in the form of alcohol to make a toast!

-Paper straws

-Cocktail napkins

-Ring plate/holder

-Wedding magazines

-Thank you cards or stationary

-Bottle stopper

-Picture frame

-“Bride to Be” sash

-chocolate, ring pop, cookies

-Beautiful Card

-Nail Polish

-Monogram items with her soon to be last name

-Spa Items : Mani Pedi kit, facial kit

-Wedding Movies : 27 Dresses, Bridemaids

michelle and marcus engagement basket

michelle and marcus basket

I am constantly cold, hate driving in the snow, sick of wearing a million layers to walk out the door and suffering from seasonal depression…yet something about a winter wedding sounds so magical after designing these invites.  It has never been up for consideration for myself (not that I am getting married anytime soon, but in my Pinterest wedding board fantasy land that is.)   After looking at pictures of a winter-rustic-mountain ‘I do’ is enough to make me reconsider!  I designed these wedding invitations and they are simple with a touch of glitz.  The cream puff paper on pine green mat with the bronze bellyband is just perfection to me.  I hope I get to attend a wedding like this one! 

winter wedding post images


Bottom row of images: 1. Cake - Christmas lights etc. blog  2. Place Setting - Elizabeth Anne Designs; photo by Jacque Lynn Photography  3. Pinecone Place Cards - Domestically Blissful  4. Let Love Grow (saplings wrapped in burlap) - Nancy Gould Photography  5. Winter bouquet - brides.com  6. Lodge ceremony - intimateweddings.com


“Who ever knew there were so many whites and creams to choose from, what is a belly band, there is an inner AND outer envelope?”  These are just a few of the questions I often hear when meeting with brides and I have to laugh because it is true!  I have come to discover that many people are clueless on invitation standards and the pieces and parts of wedding invitations.  I thought it would be helpful to include some information for all brides out there planning their wedding.  It is time consuming figuring all of this out and at the very least these links might help answer some questions as you go through the process!  I have included an image of one of my invitations with labels indicating items that I commonly refer to when discussing wedding invitations with a bride.  Contact me with questions or to design your wedding invitations today!

Envelope Addressing Standards 


Information to Include


The Pieces and Parts


Paper and Printing Terms


labeled invite photo