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1. Always use real stamps—printed postage is tacky

Invite Rules 1bInvite Rules 1

2. Don’t include zip codes on any printed addresses on the invite—it is only okay to do this on envelopes that will be mailed out

3. Spell out the date and time

4. Don’t use the word “and” in the date on your invite—it should read: Two Thousand Sixteen

5. Don’t use any abbreviations for states, road types, etc.—the only exceptions are for Mr., Mrs., and Ms.

Invite Rules -01


6. Indicate how to mark the entrée on the RSVP card

Invite Rules 5-01


7. Make sure you include stamps on the reply envelopes—you don’t want to make your guests pay for postage

Invite Rules 7


8. Weigh a sample invite before purchasing postage in order to avoid buying either too much or too little postage

9. Use an envelope moistener to seal your envelopes—they save a lot of time and are much easier than licking every envelope

10. Don’t put too much information on the invite—keep it clean and clutter free and use detail and accommodation cards for information that won’t fit on your invite 

Invite Rules 10b-01


11. Don’t assume people will check your wedding website—if there is important information your guests need to know, make sure it is included in your mailed out invite

12. If you have enough time, send Save The Date cards six to twelve months before the wedding and invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding

Pictures Taken From: IdentityEngineers.com, Writeonresults.com, and LciPaper.com