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Creating a seating arrangement list that is not only easy to navigate but also aesthetically pleasing can be difficult and overwhelming. To help ease this process, here are our top ten ideas.

1. Everything should be clearly labeled and legible 

2. Try to keep it alphabetical so people know how to navigate the list and don’t have to search the whole chart looking for their name



3. When your guest list isn’t too long, you can organize the chart by table number because guests wont have to search through as many names to find theirs



4. Have something guests can take with them (as a memento or to help them remember their table number)

SeatingCharts4a    SeatingCharts4b


5. Hand written is a classy choice



6. Create an arrangement that follows your theme whether that be by color, style, etc.

SeatingCharts6a    SeatingCharts6b


7. Make something fun for guests to open



8. Mapping out your venue can be helpful



9. Avoid a chart or system that is too busy or confusing. The last thing you want is for your guests to feel overwhelmed.

 SeatingCharts9a    SeatingCharts9b


10. Keep it fun and clever!




Images take from: divart.com, theweddingcommunityblog.com, tulleandchantilly.com, weddingomania.com, thepinkbride.com, weddingbee.com, and pinterest.com