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Wedding Guest Welcome Bags


Welcome bags for the out of town guests staying at the hotel have become wildly popular lately.  Usually these are handed out to guests by the hotel when checking in but sometimes they will put them in the appropriate rooms in advance, or a family member will distribute them to guests.  There are endless options for them but I personally love coordinating them with the wedding location.  I have included pictures of a few sample welcome bags with suggestions for what to include.  I would LOVE to create labels, bags, maps, itineraries, etc for your guest welcome bags!


What to put everything in: 

-paper bag with custom tag or sticker

-reusable shopping bag (there are a lot of Cleveland ones!)

-canvas tote customized with a cute phrase or the wedding monogram, etc.

-beach bag customized with beach phrase or wedding date, monogram, etc. 

-mini cooler for beach wedding

-paper box with custom sticker and cute ribbon or twine


Beach Wedding Ideas:

-Custom cozies

-Drink sand spike (for drinks at the beach)

-Custom beach towels

-Sunscreen (my sticker label says “I’m feelin’ hot hot hot”)

-Makeup Remover Wipes (my sticker says “take it all off”)

-Lip Balm (my sticker says “ouyr love is the balm”)

-Sun chips

-Gold fish

-Swedish fish (tag says “love is sweet”)

-Water bottle with sticker label

-Drink tumbler


Cleveland Wedding Ideas (all things local to Cleveland/Cleveland businesses):

-Peterson Nuts (my label says “we’re nuts for you!”)

-Malleys chocolate bar (my label says “love is sweet” and “chocolate is for lovers”)

-Popcorn from Campbell’s popcorn factory (my label says “life is salty but love is sweet” and “all because he popped the question”)

-Jam from smuckers

-Shearers chips

-Cleveland sports related or for game day if there is a game that weekend (tshirt, hat, cracker jacks, tailgating gear,  peanuts, popcorn) 


For any bag:

-Custom welcome sign with things to do, places to eat, activities, wedding day information, travel info, etc.

-Creative map

-Weekend itinerary 


-Water bottles with sticker label 

-Chocolate covered pretzels “love knots”

-Mini wine bottle with custom label

-Breakfast bars


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