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Thank You Card Etiquette

After the wedding everyone might say, “oh thank you cards, it’s obvious…you just send them.”  Well, I am learning that people do not know the true etiquette of thank you cards so lets get this straightened out before any couples are embarassed further.

You have just been given an absurd amount of money at your wedding, not to mention everyone traveled, took the time to attend or spent the entire weekend worshipping you…the least you can do is acknowledge them properly. 

SEND OUT 6-8 WEEKS POST WEDDING, ABSOLUTELY NOT MORE THAN 3 MONTHS (I don’t care who says anything else! You do not have a year to write your thank you cards…you did not have a year to open their cards and they did not have a year to prepare for your fabulous affair.  Get them out timely, it looks better on you in the end, trust me on this one.)

If someone helped you plan an event or was in the wedding, you should really send them a thank you 2-3 DAYS after the event. 

Please DO NOT:

-       fill in the blank cards

-       typed messages

-       send emails

If using a photo on the thank you card delays sending them out in a timely fashion then don’t use the photo. 

Save it for holiday cards or something else, it is not a valid excuse for being late. 

Please DO:

-       handwritten cards

-mention what you plan to do with the money (we are buying a patio furniture set with the money /

we put the money towards a down payment on our house, etc.)

-     -  make it special, the thank you that you write should be as nice as the gift you received! (it was so nice to see you / thank you so much for attending /

you looked beautiful, thanks for dancing, we use your gift daily, etc.)

-       spell their names correctly

-       be enthusiastic but not over the top

-       send them all at once (do not send them as you write them, if not all at once)

-       WRITE THEM ALL AT ONCE (in a weekend or a day, just knock them out!)

-       If you received a gift in the mail - acknowledge it via phone or email so they are not worried that you didn’t get it yet.  Then follow up with handwritten card. 

Cute Idea:

Put a picture in each card of your guests.  If the photographer got a picture of them at their dinner table or as they walked into the reception, etc.  They may not have a picture of THEMSELVES from your event and would love it! 


If you do not have nice handwritting, invest in a cute return address stamp or embosser!  

They are fun and worth it when mailing anything more then 10 items I would say, plus you can use it for plenty of other items.

(They can be customized and purchased off Etsy...or call me to so do the design!)

thank you cards