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Love is in the Air

Valentines day is around the corner…my apartment is starting to look festive with this paper heart garland! Is your home? 

This is a very simple, quick and easy DIY to decorate your desk, home, classroom! 

Did I mention is REALLY CHEAP!  Follow these easy steps…it maybe took me all of 30 minutes! 

IMG 4537

What is needed:

-Red, Pink & White Cardstock or construction paper (atleast 11" in length)


-Scissors or paper cutter


1. Cut colored paper into 1" strips (approx. 1"x11")

IMG 4523


2. Fold each strip of paper in half 

IMG 4524


3. Form strip of paper into heart and staple

IMG 4525 IMG 4526 IMG 4527

4. Link next strip of paper into heart and repeat process, continue to form chain link

IMG 4528 IMG 4530

5. That's it!! 

Continue until you reach desired length! 

IMG 4533 IMG 4536