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Misty's Seafood Stew


Before we get started let's review the various forms of fish/seafood stew/soup/sauce 

Zuppa di Pesce

“Soup of fish”:  originated in Italy-the original region mainly used shellfish and is really more like a stew that is served with crunchy bread



“Chopped Stew”: originated in San Francisco by a fisherman who would chop up the scrap pieces of fish and make a chopped stew---go figure.  Cioppino utilizes more white fish than it’s fish stew cousins



Means to boil down (originated in a Provence of France and is much more like a soup versus a stew.  Plus, saffron is a common ingredient)


Frutti di Mare 

“Fruits of the Sea”  (originated in coastline city in Italy and is more like a sauce served with linguine or fettuccine)

**I cannot get a solid answer if it is Frutta or Frutti

If you know—let me know**

Forget all of those, because my recipe is a cross between all the above and is the best.  Therefore, I have given it a really clever name that goes with my never-ending plight to become a household name:

Misty’s Seafood Stew


Read my rules first before you begin!!!

1).  If you use any frozen seafood you are dead to me. (Retraction—the calamari can be frozen)

2).  Cook each type of seafood independently.  This isn’t a typical stew or soup where you throw it all in and walk away.  That will make Misty’s stew too fishy, the shrimp too squishy and Misty angry. 

3).  Use fresh herbs!  No explanation needed on that one.

4).  Pasta and fresh crunchy bread is mandatory---my stew requires both!

5).  Aside from these stipulations feel free to adjust the remaining ingredients to your own personal taste.  You like a kick?  Add some pepper flakes.  Fan of octopus?  Boil or grill it and toss it in.

6).  I avoid white fish when making this and suggest you do the same---it can make it a tad fishy


We will do this recipe for 4 people

clams mussels-myrecipes.com

Here is how I calculate the seafood required:

3 large shrimp per person (go with the 10 to 12 per pound size or at minimum the 12 to 14)

4 Clams per person

4 mussels per person

2 Jumbo Scallops per person or 3 medium-sized

1 calamari tube per person (you can omit if this isn’t your thing)

Octopus optional


Here is how you cook those tasty creatures:

Gently fry the shrimp in olive oil.  Only use a tablespoon or 2—set aside

Steam the mussels and the clams in a cup of chicken stock—set aside

Gently fry the scallops in a little a smidgen of olive oil---set aside

Boil the calamari for few minutes until it is firm—slice into rings--set aside


Get out your big stockpot

Here is what you will need:

8 cloves of minced garlic

1 medium onion chopped---not diced

A handful of fresh parsley-coarsely chopped

Another handful of fresh basil-coarsely chopped

White wine: ½ cup for the stew, 1 cup for you to drink

28-ounce can of whole San Marzano tomatoes—pureed in

a blender or food processor

15-ounce can of basic tomato sauce

¼ cup olive oil


Coarsely ground pepper

Red pepper flakes optional

1-pound of linguine or fettuccine


This is so easy it will “gill” you

chopped onions and garlic-athriftymom.com

Boil your pasta so it is slightly undercooked (one minute less than the box tells you—drain-set aside)

Warm the olive oil in the pot and add the garlic and onions

Salt the onions a little so they don’t turn yellow

Cook the onions and garlic over medium heat to gently sauté them for about 5 to 7 minutes

Add all of the tomato products and bring to a gentle boil

Add the wine/drink your wine.

Add about a teaspoon of your coarsely ground pepper.  Hold off on the salt until all the seafood goes in.

Toss in all of your cooked seafood and one cup of the reserved clam/mussel juice.  Continue to simmer.

Let this all incorporate for a few minutes and then add your fresh basil and parsley.

Check to see if you need to add salt.  Add red pepper flakes if you want a little more kick to it.

This is truly the best if cooked one day ahead---but, is still pretty damn good on the day of!!

Run your pasta under vey hot water.  You can toss it in the big pot of Misty’s Seafood Stew or place in bowls with the sauce spooned over.

Some people just like it in the stew form with bread so I suggest the latter before the former.

Serve with delicious crunchy bread and a basic salad!!!

Zuppadi Pesce


Credits: (frutti di mare:ciaoflorentina.com), (chopped onions: thriftymom.com), (clams/mussels: myrecipes.com)