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       1.  a piece of cutlery or silverware
           "I need a spoon for my soup."
       1.  two people behaving in an amorous way; kiss and cuddle
           "I saw them spooning on the beach"
     2.  the act of providing knowledge or information in a simplified manner

"Camille and Misty's blog spoon-fed me so many great ideas for my event"

Let's spoon

Camille is the young spoon bringing all that's trending, cool and graphically savvy.

Misty is the old spoon (really? I prefer vintage) who brings cleverness, convenience and years of experience to the table.

Together, we D-I-S-H out ideas, recipes, crafts with photos and easy how-to's

D  Dinners (and Dishes to serve)
I   "I-do"  (all things wedding)
S  Savvy  (anything we deem chic and a must-see)
H  Host (with the "most", of course)